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11 April 2006 @ 12:41 pm

Saint-Laurent Household

Geneviève nò Eglantine de Lemièux, Baronne de Saint-Laurent
- mother (Charisse nò Byrony d'Aubigne) is an adept of Byrony House
- raised in Camellia House before marque was bought by Byrony
- earned marque as translator for D'Angeline, Cruithne, and Ch'in
- Geneviève borne of an adept of Dahlia (deceased) and Charisse no Byrony
- married to Michel d'Aubigne, Court factor when Geneviève was 10
- adopted father (Michel d'Aubigne) is Court factor
- raised by Dahlia House until mother's marriage to Michel d'Aubigne
- marque bought by Eglantine House
- patronized by Jacques Morrin-Champney, Baron de Saint-Laurent
- played the virginal and sang at fetes
- marque bought by Jacques Morrin-Champney at 16 to serve as a chantreuse in his household
- had his estates and title bequeathed upon her
- engaged to Berènger de Lemièux

Jacques Morrin-Champney, Baron de Saint-Laurent (deceased)
- holder of a small barony in Eisande, near the border of Siovale
- unmarried and childless
- third son of Donatien Morrin (deceased) and Augustine Champney, Baronne de Saint-Laurent (deceased)
- educated in Tiberium
- scholar of Skaldic epics at the University of Elua
- two elder brothers died in war against the Carthaginians
- inherits the barony of Saint-Laurent upon their death
- bequeathed his estates and title to Geneviève nò Eglantine
- death by poison at the hands of Noémie de Mont-Cerise, Marquise de Danvers, his former lover

Berènger de Lemièux, chevalier Saint-Laurent
- eldest son of the Lemièux family
- minor nobility
- holdings in Eisande
- mother was an adept of Balm House
- father gained rank of chevalier fighting for the king in Bhodhistani
- fostered at the Cassiline Brotherhood
- left at 15 to join Illyrian pirates on a whim
- becomes good friends with Evzen Matejka
- saves someone's life on the ship
- decides to become a healer due to hero-complex
- left ship to become an chirugeon
- impressed into Morrin-Champney's service to support his education
- referred by Charlot nò Eglantine to Geneviève nò Eglantine
- eventually adopted by household
- granted title of chevalier by Morrin-Champney
- engaged to Geneviève nò Eglantine

Alain Dashiell nò Morrin-Champney, protégé
- orphaned at a young age
- raised in temple of Shemhazai in Siovale
- discovered by Noémie de Mont-Cerise en route from Aragon
- brought to Jacques Morrin-Champney
- fostered in the Morrin-Champney household since age 8
- also a scholar of Skaldic epics
- close to Noémie de Mont-Cerise, Marquise de Danvers
- dislikes Geneviève nò Eglantine on principle but not in practice
- partially in love with Noémie de Mont-Cerise
- complicit in the murder of Morrin-Champney

De Granville Household

Hélène Beauvais nò Orchis, Poète de la Cour
- "the flower of Academia"
- father is Thibaud Beauvais, a scholar on Eirean ballads
- mother is Danaë Coligny de Beauvais, an artist
- fostered in Orchis House
- summered in the city with her parents
- spent most of her time wreaking havoc in the libraries of the University of Elua
- marque bought by Orchis House
- patronized by Jean-Didier de Granville, Poete de la Cour
- marque bought by de Granville
- apprenticed to de Granville
- through de Granville meets Morrin-Champney and Geneviève nò Eglantine

Jean-Didier de Granville, Poete de la Cour
- studied in Tiberium
- meets Jacques Morrin-Champney, Baron de Saint-Laurent
- short love affair
- remains good friends
- studied Eirean literature in Eire
- marries Siobhan mac Quinlan (deceased)
- appointed Poete de la Cour before the death of Ysandre de la Courcel
- takes on Éduoard Badeau de Folliet as an apprentice
- Éduoard's profligate and debaucherous habits a disgrace
- discharges Éduoard dishonourably
- takes on Stephanie nò Camellia as an apprentice
- takes on Hélène Beauvais nò Orchis as a second apprentice

Perceval de Granville, scholar of Tsingani ballads
- son of Jean-Didier de Granville
- mother (Siobhan mac Quinlan) died in childbirth
- has a secret passion for hound-rearing
- two dogs: Brigid and Boudiccea

Éduoard Badeau Montanus de Folliet, Eirean scholar
- minor nobility
- inherited name but no holdings
- former apprentice of Jean-Didier de Granville, Poete de la Cour
- dismissed from apprenticeship dishonourably
- went into the University at Elua
- patron of Cereus House
- patron of Hélène Beauvais nò Orchis
- to get back at Jean-Didier de Granville
- attempt to be "fashionable"

Stéphanie nò Camellia
- raised in Camellia House
- marque bought by Jean-Didier de Granville
- apprenticed to de Granville
- eventually goes to the Three Sisters to study about the Master of the Straits

De Danvers Household

François Lapin, Marquis de Danvers
- consort of Noémie Mont-Cerise
- contacts with the Skaldi
- Skaldic name is Herr Haas
- dislikes Jacques Morrin-Champney
- jealous of his scholarship and title
- desires Geneviève nò Eglantine

Noémie Mont-Cerise, Marquise de Danvers
- marquise of a marches in Camlach
- erstwhile lover of Jacques Morrin-Champney
- murderess of Morrin-Champney

Christophe Lavender, chevalier de Danvers
- patron of Eglantine and Gentian Houses
- patron of Geneviève nò Eglantine

Royal Family: Terre d'Ange

Sidonie de la Courcel, Reine de Terre d'Ange

Princesse Alais de la Courcel, Dauphine de Terre d'Ange

Sophie-Marguerite L'Envers de Devereux, Duchesse de Namarre et L'Agnace
- married to Lucien Devereux, Duc de L'Agnace
- cousin to Sidonie de la Courcel, Reine de Terre d'Ange

D'Angeline Peerage

Dahlia Souverain de Trevalion, Comtesse de Merle
- comtesse of a county in Azzalle
- married to minor lordling, the comte de Merle
- has prodigious affairs with numerous women of the Night Court
- husband fond of Rylande Sommer nò Orchis
- patron of the Night Court
- patron of Hélène Beauvais nò Orchis

Jean-Baptiste Cheney, minor nobility
- factor
- patron of Heliotrope House

Jacques-Marie Cheney, Jean-Baptiste’s womanizing younger brother
- gentleman of leisure

Court of Night-Blooming Flowers

Alithea Verité nò Valerian
- adept of Valerian House

Corbin nò Mandrake
- Dowayne of Mandrake House
- former consort of Alithea Verité nò Valerian
- erstwhile lover of Hélène Beauvais nò Orchis

Rylande Sommer nò Orchis
- raised by the Tsingani
- adept of Orchis House

Caledon nò Orchis
- adept of Orchis House
- partnered with Geneviève nò Eglantine on an assignation

Charlot nò Eglantine
- adept of Eglantine
- joins Evzen’s pirate ship

Liselle nò Cereus
- Dowayne of Cereus House

D'Angeline Intelligentsia

Beaumont Colère, Hellenic scholar
- family from Kusheth
- little money
- trained in the Cassiline Brotherhood from age 12 to 15
- meets Berènger de Lemièux at the Brotherhood
- unwittingly joins pirates with Berènger
- patron of Valerian House
- patron of Hélène Beauvais nò Orchis

Esmé, Hellenic scholar

Caerdicca Unitas

Étienne d’Aldaine Stregazza, merchant
- raised in Il Palatio Immortali
- mother a D’Angeline noblewoman
- father of the Stregazza family
- heir to Il Palatio Immortali
- married to a Caerdicci woman
- frequents the Night Court at his wife’s disapproval

Lucretia Stregazza, wife of Étienne d’Aldaine Stregazza

Roberto Laguni, merchant
- merchant nobleman
- Hundred Worthy Families
- infatuated with Hélène Beauvais nò Orchis

D’Angelo Trappeto, Eirean scholar and merchant
- wants to be a court politician
- raised in La Serenissima

Esmé, Hellenic scholar


Evzen Matejka, pirate balladeer
- from Illyria
- studies music at Tiberium
- discovers hashish from a tradeship in La Serenissima
- decides trafficking in hashish on a pirate ship is more profitable than a career as a court musician
- meets Berènger and Beaumont when he was on leave in Elua
- meets them at Night's Doorstep
- gets stoned and drunk with the two of them

Francisco el Jugador, minor Aragonian nobleman
- patron of Geneviève nò Eglantine

Jean Mierot, capitaine de Camlach
- son of a minor lordling
- virginity patron of Geneviève nò Eglantine

Syerira, Rawnie’s daughter, Tsingani
- Didikani
- dancer

Lourah Chandra, princess of Jakarta
- patron of Geneviève nò Eglantine

[John Wellington-Simon]
- a prince from Jebe-Barkal

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